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Pedestrian Injury Study Maps Most Fatal Roads in Fresno

Across the nation, pedestrian fatalities have jumped by 42%, the highest pedestrian fatality rate that the United States has seen since the 1990’s. In 2018 alone, there were 6,283 pedestrian fatalities. The increase in pedestrian fatalities has drawn the attention of concerned communities around the country. In fact, Maison law in Fresno, CA conducted a […]


Kansas City Police Sued for Illegal Entry, Battery, False Imprisonment and Excessive Force

December 2019 – Kansas City Police are being sued by Joseph Harter for illegal entry, battery, false imprisonment and excessive force. According to The Kansas City Star, Joseph woke up to several officers in his room who attacked him. He wasn’t sure why they were in his house, but they began beating him until he […]

Personal Injury News

Kindergartner Awarded $170,000 Settlement After Injury on Playground

A kindergartner who suffered undisclosed injuries to her arm and hand more than five years ago on a slide at a school playground is the beneficiary of a $170,000 settlement. The injuries were referred to by her lawyer as cuts and “some scarring.” The lawyers brought a personal injury lawsuit in Monmouth County Superior Court […]

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Atlanta Grapples With Growing E-Scooter Fatalities

With four confirmed deaths in 2019, Atlanta is now the nation’s most dangerous city for rentable e-scooters. Road safety advocates hope these sobering figures will lead to improved safety infrastructure throughout Georgia’s capital. The first of these fatalities occurred in May when an SUV allegedly hit a young e-scooter rider near the West Lake MARTA […]

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Washington State Enacts E-DUI Against Driving With Hand-Held Devices

Officials in Washington state are getting ready to enforce a law aimed at people who use their hand-held devices while driving. Called the Driving Under the Influence of Electronics Act (E-DUI), this law will increase the penalties and scope of earlier bans on hand-held devices in vehicles. Anyone caught taking pictures, talking with a mobile […]


Bay Area Bike Sharing Startup LimeBike Receives Major Boost Before April Launch

One U.S.-based bike sharing startup just got a huge boost from a few major investors. This company, called LimeBike, has successfully raised $12 million in venture capital from prominent investment groups like DCM Ventures, IDG Ventures, and Andreessen Horowitz. Kiosk-free bike sharing is all the rage in major Chinese cities right now. A few of […]

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How LA Is Working To Cut Traffic Fatalities By 20 Percent This Year

In order to address Los Angeles’ high number of traffic fatalities, the Department of Transportation (LADOT) has teamed up with the global road safety group known as Vision Zero. LA authorities hope that this project will reduce the number of traffic fatalities by 20 percent in 2017.This will undoubtedly reduce the number of personal injury, […]

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Washington State Seeking Tougher Penalties For Distracted Driving

If you’re a social media addict, you may face steeper penalties for checking your Instagram in Washington State later this year. That’s because both Republican Senator Ann Rivers and Democratic State Representative Jessyn Farrell have just finished a new draft of a bill they call the “Driving Under the Influence of Electronics Act.” Both Farrell […]