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How to Get a CHP (California Highway Patrol) Accident Report

After a car accident in California, many individuals will sustain life-altering injuries that come at high financial costs. As a party moves forward with a personal injury claim, they may find that requesting a crash report is necessary.

In California, the CHP (also known as the California Highway Patrol) is in charge of filing crash reports when police are called after an accident. If you wish to receive your crash report after a collision, you are permitted to request a copy of it. There are two different ways that this can be done. The first is by filing online without physically visiting a CHP Area office through California’s Crash Portal. The second is by submitting a CHP-190 form in person or through mail to the nearest CHP office.

There are several things that you will need to list in the CHP-190 form if you wish to secure your accident report records:

  • An approximate date of your accident
  • As specific as you can be about the accident location
  • The driver or owner of the involved vehicle
  • The party of interest (which is you, if you are entitles to a copy of the report)
  • Your name in the “Applicant” box
  • Street, City, State, and Zip Code information
  • The name of involved government parties or insurance companies
  • Your signature

In some cases, you will also need to provide a small fee depending on the office where you submit your report.

Why an Accident Report Can Be a Vital Tool

If you decide that you want to file a personal injury claim after you have suffered injuries in a California car accident, the accident report can be one of the most beneficial pieces of evidence in your claim. Officers who arrive on scene after your accident will interview involved parties and witnesses, take notes specific to the accident scene, take photographs, and possibly list their opinion on what led to the crash or who could be at fault. When determining liability in a crash, this information is especially necessary.

The insurance company involved in your claim may try to offer you less financial support than you deserve. Luckily, with an accident report in hand, it is difficult for them to deny the truth of the accident. This vital tool can play one of the largest roles in your negotiations and help you maximize compensation for a wide array of damages.

Speaking with a Lawyer Following a Car Accident

The aftermath of a California car accident can be distressing and confusing. With the help of a car accident lawyer, you can ensure that your claim is being treated as fairly as possible and all crucial evidence is collected. An accident report is one of the best tools you can have on your side. Requesting a free and no-obligation case consultation from an attorney can help you as you get started on your claim.

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