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What is a SigAlert?

Every single day in California, alerts that have come to be known as “SigAlerts” are issued following disruptive events on California roadways. These alerts are issued to California drivers to warn them about car accidents, fires, landslides, water main breaks, and more. As long as the event is blocking the normal flow of traffic, drivers may receive a SigAlert to notify them about it.

SigAlerts are useful to those traveling on major highways and through large cities to get to the workplace, to visit family, and many other activities that Californians enjoy on a daily basis. These alerts came to be known across California for the first time in 1955 when six radio stations broadcasted information about a train derailment. These alerts were initially devised by a man named Loyd “Sig” Sigmon, who received reports from Los Angeles Police when there were major crashes in the area.

By 1969, traffic enforcement was completely turned over to the California Highway Patrol, who has since taken over managing the SigAlert system in full. Though SigAlerts had their humble beginnings in Los Angeles primarily, the entire state of California now uses them to find out more information about any traffic events that are expected to cause road blockages for more than thirty minutes.

Why Alerting Police is Important After a Car Accident

SigAlerts continue to be used for every accident in California that is expected to cause major backups and traffic delays. In the event of a minor fender-bender where both vehicles are able to clear off the road in a short amount of time, something as serious as a SigAlert will typically not be used because traffic flow can continue as usual. However, police may issue them for severe accidents like head-on collisions with injuries, chain-reaction accidents, accidents involving large trucks with fuel spills, and more.

Contacting the police after a car accident is vital, as an individual’s health and well-being can be protected with help from authorities. Police will be able to secure the scene so that further accidents do not occur, talk to all involved drivers and witnesses, and make a police report about the circumstances of the accident. Even if all involved individuals believe that the accident is minor, it can be a good idea to contact police as a way to document the accident and make sure that all parties are actually in good health.

How a Lawyer Can Help

SigAlerts can be a useful tool that show where your accident occurred and at what time. Police reports can help you further determine fault in an accident if police gave their opinion in said report. With the help of a reputable and knowledgeable car accident lawyer, you can obtain important information related to your accident that can help you stand up to the insurance company and obtain the financial support you need at this time. Speaking with a lawyer can be beneficial and comes at no cost to you.

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