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How Insights Discovery Training Could Help Law Firms

Insights Discovery training consists of individuals learning more about their own psychology as well as gaining a greater insight into the personalities of others. More to the point, it helps people more efficiently communicate with each other, something that benefits every type of business, including large law firms.

Insights Discovery and MBTI differences

Some know of the 16 personality categories that are part of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator; everyone fits into one of those 16, depending on which answers are given during the MBTI test. That and Insights Discovery are psychometric tools inspired by Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist who lived from 1875-1961.

One of the biggest differences between them is that Insights Discovery not only puts individuals into one of four colors, a similar step as in the MBTI, but it also provides much more nuance than that. In fact, it features three rings and 72 wheel segments, and it is possible for someone to belong to more than one ring. The latter happening depends on if their conscious personality, how people tend to act, and their unconscious personality, how people usually react, do not quite see eye to eye on some things.

Also, note that, oftentimes, people will be more of one personality type during certain types of situations and another type when experiencing other circumstances. And keep in mind that these can fluctuate. In many cases, those who had been assessed in the past later discover that they had evolved. For example, 74% of those who retook this test in 2021 had moved into a new wheel position.

Insights Discovery: four colors

The four color possibilities are Cool Blue, Earth Green, Sunshine Yellow and Fiery Red. One word apiece generally describes each of these: cautious (Cool Blue), caring (Earth Green), sociable (Sunshine Yellow) and competitive (Fiery Red). However, it should be noted that almost everyone will have at least some characteristics in each category although there will usually be one that stands out more than the rest.

Some law firms that have gone through this training have discovered that many of those who work there will visibly post their own color around their working area or on their online profile to help facilitate a more effective communication style when they are discussing legal or other matters.

That is because the color that an individual most identifies with helps show which ways they would be most effective in a team setting. For example, when talking with someone with a red personality, you should probably not be concerned with being sympathetic, and you should avoid being long-winded. Simply get to the point and, once it is clear that it is understood, move on. Conversely, a green individual will want a more personal connection and is generally more empathetic.

Insights Discovery training has also proven valuable to many by showing them why they had naturally worked so well with some in their law firm and had confusingly frustrating interactions on a regular basis with others, providing a sense of clarity and understanding that had not been there before.

More effective motivation

Connected with better communication with others is motivating them in a more effective manner. For example, if a law clerk is aspiring to become an associate and, one day, a partner, someone overseeing them can utilize Insights Discovery training to help them more efficiently head towards those goals, which saves valuable time for both.

Better teamwork

This type of training can also help attorneys at a law firm who are working on the same case understand each other better, which will help them communicate in not only a more efficient way but also in a manner that decreases tension between them.

If a client has taken this test or is interested in doing so, Insights Discovery insight can also help them and legal staff better communicate and ultimately create a stronger case.

Understanding stress reactions

The legal profession is one that regularly involves high levels of stress, and one of the ways that Insights Discovery training can help lawyers and others at a law firm is by providing them with a better understanding of the types of things that can exacerbate that. This is because some personality types react to stressful situations differently than others do.

Special thanks to the content found on the FuseComms site, which now offers this training in California, Indiana, New Jersey and NYC.

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