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Jonathan Lewis Jr – Wrongful Death Lawsuit Likely in Rancho High School Student’s Murder

Jonathan Lewis Jr was attacked by approximately 15 people, like mostly or all Rancho High School students on November 1, 2023. Tragically, Johnathan Lewis Jr died from his injuries.

According to various news reports and video which circulated social media, the mob of teenagers kicked and punched Johnathan Lewis Jr after he was on the ground repeatedly and intentionally until he had fatal injuries.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Likely.

A wrongful death lawsuit is very likely to be filed on behalf of Johnathan Lewis Jr and will allow him some sort of justice.

Nevada schools have a Special Duty of Care to supervise students, minimize foreseeable dangers and ensure their safety during school hours. This is, in fact, a legal duty, under Nevada Law. According to the law, “the Legislature has seen fit to recognize the fact that school officials and teachers are in a position of in loco parentis to the children they teach during school hours.”

It is possible that there was inadequate security or “negligent supervision”. Generally speaking, if students should have been supervised and were not this negligence may have caused or contributed to violence.

Schools are especially responsible when there is a history of violence.

Wrongful death cases may be worth millions of dollars and can help prompt change.

Rancho High School’s History of Violence:

Unfortunately, violence is nothing new to Rancho High School. Just this year multiple students have been attacked on the campus and while leaving it.

Murder Charges Likely in Johnathan Lewis Jr’s Death.

People over the age of 13 may be tried as adults in Nevada. Juveniles could be charged with Second-degree murder. In Nevada, someone may be charged with second-degree murder when they act recklessly enough that death of their victim is foreseeable.

If you have additional information on this crime call LVMPD Homicide detectives at 702-828-3521 or by email at To remain anonymous, contact Crime Stoppers by phone at 702-385-5555.


While a Wrongful Death Claim will take care of medical and burial expenses, a GoFundMe is currently in place for Johnathan Lewis Jr. You may contribute to it here:

* Pic is from the GoFundMe page
* At the time of this article, no charges have yet been filed

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