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Pinellas County Personal Injury Lawyer Accused of Stealing $840,000 From Clients

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office has arrested Christopher Reynolds, a 44-year-old personal injury lawyer on allegations of stealing $840,000 from clients. He has been charged with two counts of money laundering and thirteen counts of grand theft, according to the online booking records of the Sheriff’s Office.


The allegations also state that he spent the money on OnlyFans and certain drugs. Presently Reynolds remains in jail with a bail proposed at $395,000. He will be called to the court on March 20.


Reynolds started his own practice in 2015 and his practice is based in Seminole. He mostly represented vehicle crash victims. The allegations state that after settling the case with the insurance companies, Reynolds did not pay the settlement amount provided by the insurance companies to his clients or toward their medical bills. The clients are now being represented by Carey Leisure & Neal, a Clearwater, Florida-based personal injury law firm.


Bob Gualtieri, the Pinellas County Sheriff informed that at least 16 clients who settled their cases through Reynolds reported their money being stolen. His thefts were first reported in August 2022 when a client alleged that he stopped communicating with her without giving her the settlement money or paying the medical bills. He forged her signature and retained the settlement amount of $100,000 that was paid by the insurance company toward her medical bills.


Gualtieri stated, “He agreed to represent them in a personal injury case, he referred them to doctors, he sent monetary demand packages to insurance companies, forged clients’ names on settlement documents, and pocketed all the settlement money, leaving people with no compensation for their injuries and holding the bag for all of their medical bills.”


In a press release, Gualtieri said, “They’re licensed to practice law. They’ve got the boxes checked, they’ve got the credentials, they’ve got the credibility that goes with that, and they’re really just a thief who is ripping them off.”


On December 15, 2022, he was suspended by the Supreme Court of Florida. As per the suspension order posted on the Florida Bar’s website, Reynolds “abandoned his law practice without notice.”

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