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Los Angeles Scooter Rider Dragged – August 2022

An electric scooter rider took a dangerous tumble that left him hanging on for dear life while being dragged by a van in Los Angeles this weekend. The Los Angeles Police Department said the accident happened on Saturday night in Boyle Heights on August 27, 2022.

Reports say the shocking incident took place along Fickett Avenue after the rider had swerved to avoid a car and fell into the road. The victim was unconscious when a white Ford van approached the scene and ran over the scooter and the victim.

Somehow the electric scooter rider got caught up in the van and was dragged for around 25 feet. The victim was finally able to free himself. In a heartbreaking turn, the van’s driver decided to flee the scene and never returned to check on the badly injured man. The frightening sequence of events was captured by surveillance footage released by the LAPD Central Traffic Division.

The victim was rushed to the hospital with major injuries and placed in intensive care. Thankfully, the victim is expected to recover.

At last check, the hit-and-run suspect had not been located. A more complete description of the driver and the van has not been released so far. A $25,000 reward is now offered to anyone with information that leads to an arrest in the case. Please contact the LAPD if you have any information about the driver involved or if you’ve seen the van.

Electric Scooter Accident Dangers in Los Angeles

In most parts of Los Angeles, electric scooter riders must follow the same traffic laws and are given the same rights as drivers. They can use some streets and would need to be treated like any other car. Riders should use bike lanes when they are available. They must stay off of sidewalks.

E-scooter riders must not exceed 15 miles per hour and they must stay off of roads with speed limits over 25 miles per hour. Even with these safety guidelines in place and rules for drivers clearly posted, scooter riders are still the victims of accidents quite regularly.

The Consumer Product Safety Division notes an increase in e-scooter accidents across the country since 2017. There were 7,700 emergency room visits due to electric scooter accidents in 2017. The number of serious injury cases doubled in 2018. In 2019, there were around 27,700 emergency room visits attributed to e-scooter accidents. In 2020, that number held steady at around 25,400 incidents.

These scary figures only demonstrate the extra care that drivers must take whenever they see a scooter along the road or in the lane.



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