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Florida Man Killed on Scooter in Tampa August 24 2022

On August 24, 2022 a Florida man died when he was thrown from his scooter at a busy Tampa intersection. The accident happened at the intersection of U.S. Highway 301 and Selmon Expressway around 6. a.m.

According to WFLA, the victim was identified as a 39-year-old Tampa man. He was riding on a Tao Motor Pony 50 scooter when he was nocked by a 28-year-old Nissan Altima driver heading north on 301. The Nissan Altima driver and two passengers in the car sustained no injuries, while the scooter man died on the spot.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the Altima driver was heading north on 301 before turning left to the Lee Roy Selmon Expressway when the scooter hit his car on the front passenger side corner. The victim was thrown from his scooter and died on the scene.

This isn’t the first time there was a fatal scooter accident in Tampa. On June 20, 2019 a man was tragically killed on a Lime Scooter. The Tampa Accident involved a tractor trailer.

Dangers of Scooters:

A scooter can be a lot of fun if used properly. However, the dangers involved in using these scooters must be addressed. The main threat is the risk of injury while riding.

These scooters have a top speed of 15 miles per hour, but many go faster than that. Also, these scooters are powered by electricity, and when the electric motor is turned off, the rider can fall onto hard pavement or an object at high speed. Many people have been seriously injured.

Another danger is the risk of electric shock. If a scooter is poorly maintained, moisture can get into the electrical components and cause them to fall out. In such cases, a rider could come in contact with exposed wires carrying electricity to the motor and be electrocuted.

Most scooter riders are not trained on traffic rules and laws. This poses a significant risk to riders and other road users. In many cases, riders have been involved in accidents with other vehicles, pedestrians, and even other scooters. Riders must be trained on how to behave when riding, and they must wear protective gear.

In addition to these dangers, there are other safety concerns when riding a scooter. Scooters are often used in urban areas, where traffic is heavy and fast. It is very easy for riders to hit pedestrians or other vehicles in such situations. The scooter can also be dangerous when the rider parks it on a sidewalk because it may block the path of pedestrians and cause accidents.

Another danger is the risk of falling off the scooter. Riders often fall off their scooter due to fatigue, inattention, or a lack of training. Some riders have even been killed when falling off their scooters. A common injury caused by falling is broken bones and head injuries which can be very painful.

Another danger is related to batteries and charging. The battery can overheat and catch on fire which can cause serious injuries or even death if it happens while charging or riding. There have also been cases where a defective battery exploded during charging, causing severe damage to property and injury to people nearby and those inside the house. Special care must be taken when using this product because it poses some risks.

The truth is, there are many risks involved with riding a scooter. Riders need to be careful and aware of their surroundings at all times. This is especially true in a crowded urban area, where pedestrians and other vehicles may be around them.

How People Can Avoid Scooter Accidents

The only way to avoid scooter accidents is to be more cautious and aware of their surroundings. If you ride a scooter, you should:

  • Ride safely: It is important to be careful and avoid riding at high speeds or through dangerous areas. Riders should not ride on sidewalks, in front of cars, or ride on the street where there are pedestrians around them. When possible, riders should use bike lanes or designated paths for bicycles so they can be seen by drivers and pedestrians and avoid pedestrian crossings where there may be children around. Riders also need to watch for signs that tell them they are approaching an intersection or crosswalk, so they can take caution when traffic is coming from both directions.
  • Follow the rules of the road: When riding a scooter, it is important to know the laws concerning riding on public roads and how to obey them. Riders should obey all traffic laws, including stopping at stop signs and traffic lights. They should also observe the speed limits.
  • Be aware of traffic: Riders should be aware of traffic in front of them and behind them. They should avoid riding in the middle of a street or turning right at an intersection without looking first. They also need to watch for signs that tell them they are approaching an intersection or crosswalk, so they can take caution when traffic is coming from both directions.
  • Stay alert: Riders should be alert at all times. They should not ride in a distracted manner or with the music too loud so they can hear traffic and other hazards. They should also keep an eye out for cars, pedestrians, children, and animals.

Can the driver be liable?

Yes. The driver can be liable for any injuries or damages caused by the rider. For example, if a scooter rider is injured because of an illegal turn by the driver, the driver could be held responsible. The driver should also be aware of any danger in the area and be able to take evasive action.

The driver can also be liable if they do not follow traffic laws and act recklessly. If the scooter rider is injured because of a negligent act by the driver, they can take legal action against them. For example, the driver could be held liable if a rider is injured because the driver was distracted by their cell phone or other electronic devices.

If a scooter rider is injured because of their carelessness, the driver can’t be held liable; instead, the scooter rider can be held responsible. For example, if a scooter rider is injured because they did not follow traffic laws and were speeding, the driver should not be held liable, but the scooter rider can be.

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