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6 Dead, 8 Injured in Dust Storm on Interstate 90 in Montana

A terrible pileup occurred west of Hardin Montana on Interstate 90 on Friday, July 15, 2022.

Winds exceeded 60MPH and dust filled the air, drastically reducing visibility on the Interstate.

Six tractor trailers were involved in the crash. Tragically, 6 people died and at least 8 others were injured.

Montana Highway Patrol Sgt. Jay Nelson told the AP that it was the worst crash he’d seen in 24 years.

An insurance nightmare?

Quirk Accident & Injury Attorneys posted on their blog that drivers are responsible for maintaining a safe speed and stopping distance, especially during inclement weather. They then provided tips for filing insurance claims and getting compensation for severe injuries and loved ones tragically lost via “wrongful death claims”.

Indeed, insurance companies can be difficult to deal with, especially when trying to determine fault in a multi-vehicle accident. Some insurers will even try to blame the weather for their driver’s negligent actions.

Did anyone slow down?

The storm came on suddenly and from news reports it sounds like there was chaos. At the moment, it is unclear why some drivers were still traveling at speeds that could cause such a serious collision.

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