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School Bus Hydroplanes and Crashes in Louisville KY

A frightening interstate crash left a school bus on its side and sent several students to the hospital in Louisville. Officials confirmed the accident occurred along I-64 in the westbound lanes near Cannons Lane Tuesday morning.

WLKY-TV reported the school bus accident occurred around 7:30 a.m. not far from the Waterson Expressway intersection on April 3, 2022.

It’s been reported that the Jefferson County Public Schools bus, carrying 21 high school and middle school students, hydroplaned on water before leaving the interstate. The bus continued into the grass off the roadway and turned over in a stand of trees.

At least 17 students were taken to different departments of Norton Woman’s and Children’s Hospital. Their injuries were not thought to be life-threatening. By noontime, all the students had been discharged or were scheduled to be discharged from the hospital. The driver of the bus did not sustain injuries.

School Bus Accident Dangers in Kentucky

School buses are built to get children to and from school safely, but like any other vehicle, they can fall prey to careless drivers, hazardous weather conditions, and other dangerous circumstances.

The Kentucky State Police monitor school bus accident rates across Kentucky each year. In 2020, when the majority of schools were closed due to the pandemic, highway officials recorded 131 school bus accidents with no crashes resulting in a fatality. In 2019, there were 390 school bus accidents documented with one tragic death reported.

The sight of that big yellow bus should remind Kentucky motorists to slow down and give school bus drivers extra room to do their jobs. That extra care helps make sure students make it to school safely and return home without risking their lives.

According to Louisville law firm, it’s important to make sure that all passengers are checked for injuries and seek medical attention if any new symptoms occur.

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