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Rocklin CA Police Video Goes Viral on Reddit and Trends on TikTok

On Monday, September 20, 2021, a video was shared on reddit under the /r/publicfreakout sub under a post called “Cop points gun at surrendering young man then tries to break his arm”.

The reddit thread may be viewed here:

The top comment came from user “a_grunt_named_Gideon” who points out that the officer is probably unaware that they’re being recorded.

Multiple users and Jiu Jitsu marshal arts practitioners chimed in with their opinion that it appears the officer was attempting to snap the suspect’s arm and gave up when it wouldn’t break.

Users claiming to be former police officers or active correctional officers chimed in to opine that the officer should be fired and charged with assault.

Other users showed off letters they wrote to Mayor Jill Gayaldo.

Prior to the strange arm bending of the suspect who was lying on the ground with their hands behind their back, the officer had pointed a pistol towards the suspect in a strange position.

Was this excessive force and will there be assault charges? Time will tell.

The video was also trending on TikTok as seen below.

@caracareenHere it is with no text on the screen- Rocklin, CA 9/17/21 Rocklin PD responds to a mental health crisis with too much force. The man was yelling around in a parking lot (no weapons) I did not film this and have already sent to the chief. #policebrutality #rocklin #excessiveforce

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