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Covid Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Missouri Care Facility

Jefferson City Manor, a care facility in Missouri, has been struck with a wrongful death lawsuit after a resident passed away from COVID-19 last year.

KOMU reported on the lawsuit, which was filed on Friday, August 27th, 2021. Jefferson City Manor and Juckette Management Services Senior Living has been named as defendants in the case.

The lawsuit was brought forth by Deborah Testerman, who lost her father to COVID-19 last October. Testerman claims that her father, David Ousley, 84, contracted the disease while he was living in Jefferson City Manor. The lawsuit claims that Ousley contracted COVID-19 from an employee at the care facility and that the facility “failed to provide a sterile environment and prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

As of writing, Jefferson City Manor has not publicly responded to the lawsuit.

This suit was filed by HANRAHAN & NACY, P.C.

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