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Class Action Lawsuit Against City of Seattle for “CHOP” Damages

A class action lawsuit was filed against the City of Seattle on behalf of real estate owners, businesses and people living in Capitol Hill.

The suit alleges the City has failed to maintain law and order and areas of “CHOP” have now been overrun with violence, vandalism, noise, drug use, and that people are unable to visit businesses in the area. The suit makes clear the case is about “the City’s active endorsement and support of a destructive occupation of a neighborhood to the detriment of the well-being of those who live and work in that neighborhood”.

There could potentially be thousands of plaintiffs in this case, likely costing the City of Seattle millions of dollars if the case is not resolved. Initial plaintiffs include:

  • Northwest Wine and Liquor
  • Car Tender
  • Sage Physical Therapy
  • Tattoos and Fortune;
  • Bergman’s Lock and Key Services
  • Local residents
  • Onyx Homeowners Association
  • Real estate companies

It does indeed appear the City may have broken multiple laws by participating in creating and helping maintain public nuisances such as barriers, public safety hazards, poor sanitization conditions, excessive noise, vandalism and more.

The suit was filed by Calfo Eakes, who offers Complex Civil Litigation services.

Image from the lawsuit:

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