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Law Firm Gives Away 20,000 Masks in Fight Against COVID-19

A Baton Rouge Law Firm is giving away masks and gloves to help people in the community to fight the spread of COVID-19. The idea came on the heels of a state-wide social distancing order by the governor which has now (April 27, 2020) been extended to May 15.

The order directs everyone in public to stay six feet from each other which is the distance health officials say is needed to keep someone from spreading the virus to another person.

Peyton Murphy, the owner of Murphy Law Firm said he did this to help people stay safe. Along with others in the community, the law firm set up a distribution point near their building on S. Acadian Thruway in Baton Rouge.

Starting at 6 am Friday, April 24, 2020, people lined up in their vehicles to get their free masks and gloves. WBRZ2 reported that the line of cars circled the building and even blocked S. Arcadian for a bit. Murphy said that the firm had given away 12,500 masks and 5,000 gloves and was shooting for 20,000 masks and 10,000 gloves—a figure he expected the would meet and surpass. In an effort to meet its goals, the firm also handed out masks on Saturday the 25th.

Murphey said that his firm shouldn’t get all the credit. It started with 2,000 masks from a local restaurant, Rock and Roll Sushi, and then they partnered with the Cajon Navy, the Youth Committee and TJ Ribs to get more masks and gloves.

Murphy also said that he feels he started something because other groups were following suit and people could get masks and gloves at points all over the city. WBRZ is posting a link on their website for those who want to know when and where they can get their PPE.

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