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Pedestrian Injury Study Maps Most Fatal Roads in Fresno

Across the nation, pedestrian fatalities have jumped by 42%, the highest pedestrian fatality rate that the United States has seen since the 1990’s. In 2018 alone, there were 6,283 pedestrian fatalities.

The increase in pedestrian fatalities has drawn the attention of concerned communities around the country. In fact, Maison law in Fresno, CA conducted a study to examine the most dangerous roads and intersections for pedestrians in Fresno.

The study breaks down the roads and intersections with the highest number of reported fatalities. They also provide an interactive map that plots the locations of each pedestrian accident in Fresno.


This study provides a comprehensive look at the most dangerous areas for pedestrians in the area. It also examines some of the underlying causes of the increased threat associated with the high-risk areas. Additionally, Maison Law provides some strategies and safety tips for pedestrians who use these roads.

The information for the pedestrian injury study was gathered by OptimizeMyFirm who sourced the data from the CHP for Fresno County.  It can be used by law enforcement, city planners, and the general public to evaluate solutions to make the streets of Fresno safer for the community.

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