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Kansas City Police Sued for Illegal Entry, Battery, False Imprisonment and Excessive Force

December 2019 – Kansas City Police are being sued by Joseph Harter for illegal entry, battery, false imprisonment and excessive force.

According to The Kansas City Star, Joseph woke up to several officers in his room who attacked him. He wasn’t sure why they were in his house, but they began beating him until he was allegedly blinded by his own blood.

After the alleged break in, attack and assault, Joseph was treated at the University of Kansas Medical Center and then taken to jail and charged with battery of a law enforcement officer.

Those charges were dropped.

Later, Harter filed a Federal Lawsuit against his alleged attackers. The lawsuit names as defendants Kansas City Police Officer Faisal Hassan, former police chief Terry Zeigler, the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and multiple other police officers.

Harter is being represented by Attorney William Dunn. The Star’s articles says Harts is seeking compensation, but it is not clear if he is suing for millions of dollars or $13,000 in medical bills.

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