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High School Student Arrested for Wielding Gun on Snapchat Video

A 16-year old student from Darien High School in Connecticut was arrested for a Snapchat video he filmed of himself wielding a handgun while issuing taunts. Snapchat is a social media application that allows users to share pictures and video clips with others.

On March 4th, the video was brought to the attention of the school resource officer at Darien High School. It revealed a young white man with his face partially concealed by a bandana. According to police, the young man was wielding the handgun and making taunts but no threats. Police disclosed that the taunts were unspecific and not directed towards a particular person, group, place, or institution.

Fortunately, the school resource officer was able to identify the student that may have been involved with this video. Once the student was found, he became aggressive and was transported to the police station. The school resource officer revealed that the video was not taken at the high school.

After the student was taken to the police station, more information was disclosed. Police discovered that the student was a teenager from Stamford and a student at Darien High School. They also revealed that the gun in the video was indeed real. This particular student will likely need an experienced criminal defense attorney moving forward.

Through voluntary consent to search the home of this 16-year old teen as well as the home of his friend, police were able to identify that the handgun was not at his or his friend’s home. Police explained that efforts to find the weapon will continue.

Darien Police Chief Duane Lovello stated that he has been in close contact with superintendent, Dr. Dan Brenner to keep students, parents, and school facility members informed of all of the information they uncover. Lovello told Dr. Brenner that all of the information that has been collected does not lead police to believe that a criminal activity was being planned.

The Stamford resident and Darien High School student was taken into custody on Friday, March 4th and charged with breach of peace because he made a false statement and interfered with the police. He was remanded to the Bridgeport Juvenile Youth Detention Facility.

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