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How Will the Panthers Super Bowl Affect the Charlotte Economy?

Keep Pounding: it’s a phrase you’re familiar with if you live in the Charlotte area, as it’s the mantra of this year’s Carolina Panthers team. Headed by star quarterback Cam Newton, the team has made a spectacular run for the Super Bowl, in which it will be playing on February 7, 2016. Many sports fans predict that the Panthers will take the top prize, but, either way, their dazzling display of athleticism this year has shone a new spotlight on the Queen City.

A Panthers Super Bowl appearance alone will certainly boost the economy of the Charlotte area. For one thing, Super Bowl-bound players always receive a robust financial bonus just for playing in the big game, though the prize is even bigger for the winning team’s entire roster: in 2015, the second-place Seattle Seahawks team took home $49,000 each, while every New England Patriots player took home $97,000 as a reward for winning. If Panthers players based in Charlotte bring that money home, some of it will undoubtedly end up back in the local economy.

Of course, the economic boost won’t only come from the players themselves. Fans of the team both new and old are acting on their Super Bowl excitement by loading up on official Panthers gear, whether it’s jerseys, hats, or tees. They’ve also been buying up tickets to see the team play, and will only do so with added fervor next year: the team will either be defending its 2016 Lombardi trophy or working its hardest to go back and win it, after all. These transactions feed back into the Charlotte economy, too.

On top of that — and perhaps more importantly — the spotlight on the Panthers has also shed light on what a wonderful city Charlotte is. Not only does it have a top-notch football team, Charlotte is home to a booming banking industry; it’s also a hub for American Airlines, which gives its residents easy and cost-effective options for travel around the world. The city also made TIME Magazine’s list of the Best Places to Live in 2014, topping the sub-list of Best Big-City Bargains. That’s partly due to the fact that the city’s downtown area is often a quick drive by car from its many diverse neighborhoods and suburbs, though the magazine also cited its low housing prices, high median family income, and prospective job growth. Charlotte NC mortgage brokers and financial advisors could see an uptick in activity and interest over the next few weeks and months.

So, with the Panthers earning their place in the biggest sporting event of the year, Charlotte will undoubtedly get a boost in its local economy, housing market, and even its business development, as more and more people look at the Queen City not just as a destination for good football, but also for good living.

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