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Snapchat Local Campus Stories Appeal to High School Seniors

Social networks tend to get their initial lift from college campuses. We saw it with Facebook, then Twitter and now Snapchat. College students are around tens of thousands of their peers and they quickly communicate with those they know and do not know on campus through an Internet device. In the early days of Facebook this was on a desktop computer, Twitter was on a laptop and Snapchat is now through a smartphone.

As technology advances we are going to see even more ways in which students quickly communicate with each other. Snapchat is aware of the power of the college campus as they have created local campus stories. Snapchat describes Local Campus Stories as:

special Live Stories created for selected college campuses. Only Snapchatters whose phones indicate they’re in and around a campus, or were there in the last 24 hours, are able to post to and view the Campus Story. Campus Stories are a special place to share and see what is happening on your campus.

This means users will have to be on campus to consume the story. High school juniors and seniors will not be able to enjoy campus stories until they take their visit prior to making a final choice on where they will spend the next four to six years. Once on campus, one of the first things most high school students do is look at the Snapchat campus story to see what is going on nearby.

Instead of scouring Facebook or Twitter for what is trending locally students can now quickly look at the campus story on Snapchat and find out which sports teams are playing, where events are happening and the best places to eat locally. This is a tool that is invaluable to someone that has never been on a specific campus.

Some will take a “Snapchat” campus tour over the next few months before deciding on their school of choice. Colleges and universities are working diligently to produce some of the best video content for potential students to consume. Most higher education establishments see this as a powerful TV commercial that is airing 24 hours a day. At this point, Snapchat decides which campus has a 24 live story. For the most part, most major universities have a geofiltered story that includes content submitted by the students for the students.

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