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Incentives For Changing Banks May Offer Perks On New Accounts But Are Big Banks Trying To Keep Customers?

Over the past few weeks many consumers have been changing their banks as a result of fee increases or adjustments to certain costs that come along with checking accounts and debit card use, and this has opened the door for other financial institutions, like credit unions, to offer perks or incentives for those who are opening these new accounts, but this has also led to questions of whether there are some financial institutions doing more to keep consumers. Obviously, when customers are unhappy with their bank account, there are numerous opportunities that are likely available as everything from local community banks to online bank accounts may offer the banking experience that a particular consumer seeks, but there are some financial institutions that are not necessarily worried about consumers who are leaving at the present time and this has led more customers to question whether they should take advantage of any benefits that may be offered from these alternative banks or credit unions.

Obviously, the choice to switch a bank account will be a personal decision of each customer, but when certain financial institutions offer cash for opening new accounts or incentives for debit card use, this has led consumers to question whether they want to keep their current bank account that may be charging them more as a result of certain changes in policies by some of the major financial institutions. However, there are some customers who are simply looking at alternative choices that may be available directly from their financial institution, as consumers who may have a checking account and debit card with one of these major banks that have recently increased debit card fees, as an example, may simply change their strategy and acquire a credit card that can be used to make purchases throughout the month and, upon receiving their bill, some consumers may have simply put money aside in a savings account and pay this debt in full, rather than putting money in a checking account and using their debit card.

Understandably though, the needs and wants of each consumer when it concerns their personal banking experience will obviously differ but officials are urging these men and women who may be considering a change in their banking to make sure that they look at the long-term, or when beneficial options are offered on a particular type of bank account it will be important for customers to make sure that they understand the requirements as even some credit unions or online institutions that may offer high interest checking accounts, as an example, many require that customers keep a minimum balance, sign up for special services like direct deposit, or make a specific number of purchases with their debit card each month.

Furthermore, there are some consumers who are looking for ways to offset fee increases from their major financial institution as it’s understandable that convenience is one of the main reasons that some men and women bank with more popular financial institutions and, as is the case for credit unions, consumers may not have access to ATMs in some areas of the nation. There are some consumers who are benefiting from smaller financial institutions looking to take advantage of the dissatisfaction that certain customers have with their bank at the present time, but again, advisers are cautioning consumers to make sure they review these alternatives to make sure that they will be best for their needs, as again some banks that may be attempting to draw customers might have incentives upfront that look beneficial but could potentially be unhelpful for a particular customer’s wants and needs.

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