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Multi-Vehicle Crash on Sunrise Boulevard near Twin Oaks Ave Causes Closures, Outages, Injuries in Citrus Heights

Citrus Heights, CA – According to KCRA, with additional reporting from Fox40, a multi-vehicle collision in Citrus Heights led to multiple parties suffering injury, the closure of the southbound Sunrise Boulevard, and a power outage affecting over 1,000 residents.

The Citrus Heights Police Department reports that the crash occurred around 2 PM on Sunrise Boulevard, just north of Twin Oaks Avenue. Emergency crews responded promptly to the scene, finding multiple vehicles involved in the accident and a street sign down in the roadway. Due to the severity of the accident, southbound traffic was diverted to one block south of the crash site, causing notable delays.

The Sacramento Metro Fire District reports that three individuals sustained injuries in the collision. The collision also impacted the local power grid, depriving over 1,000 Sacramento County residents of electricity.

As authorities work to clear the wreckage, open roadways, and restore power, investigations into the causes of the crash and the identity of those involved are ongoing.

Personal Injury Claims

After a vehicular accident, victims and their families often face not only emotional distress but also the sudden financial burdens of medical bills, loss of income during recovery, and, in tragic cases, burial expenses.

These costs should be borne by those responsible for causing the injuries and their insurance provider. However, insurance companies typically try to minimize the compensation for any claim they cannot deny. This is why having the assistance of a skilled personal injury attorney is crucial to ensuring justice for victims of vehicular accidents.

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