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Tyler West Vandehei, 32, Killed in Pedestrian Hit-and-Run near 16th St in Bakersfield

Bakersfield, CA — According to Fox40, the family of 32-year-old Tyler West Vandehei, who was critically injured in a hit-and-run car crash in Sacramento, has shared the heartbreaking news that he is not expected to survive. Vandehei was struck by a vehicle around 1 AM on May 31, 2024, while walking near 16th Street.

The suspect in the hit-and-run was arrested by police several hours after fleeing the scene. The family received the devastating news from law enforcement at 3:30 AM on May 31. “They told us we needed to get to the hospital because Tyler was probably going to die,” Spence recounted. He and his wife, Deborah West, Vandehei’s mother, immediately flew from their home in Washington to U.C. Davis Medical Center.

Deborah West shared her profound sorrow, saying that Vandehei had been struggling with housing issues after losing his job, which might explain why he was out so early in the morning. Despite his challenges, he had remained optimistic about rebuilding his life.

The family made the difficult decision to take Vandehei off life support on Monday due to his lack of measurable neurological function. They find some solace in honoring his wish to be an organ donor. According to West, Vandehei has been a registered organ donor since first getting his driver’s license. She said, “This is a wish that I want to honor for him. Something good can come from such a tragic situation.”

Vandehei’s family have set up a GoFundMe campaign to assist with medical and potential funeral expenses.

Wrongful Death Claims

While no amount of money can bring back those who lose their lives in a vehicular fatality, the emotional burden of their loss is often accompanied by a financial burden that falls on their surviving family members.

A wrongful death claim filed with the insurance provider of parties who bear even partial liability can provide compensation to help cover medical expenses, burial costs, and even the loss of support for dependents of the deceased.

However, because insurance companies carry the incentive to reduce the payout for any claim they cannot deny, the services of a skilled personal injury attorney can prove crucial in securing justice for the deceased.

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