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Fresno Crash Crushes Vehicle Between 2 Semi-trucks, Traps Driver under Trailer on Hwy 99, Hwy 41

Fresno, CA – According to KSEE, late Wednesday afternoon, May 15, 2024, a Ford utility truck driver was trapped underneath a semi-truck after being sandwiched between it and another semi-truck on Highway 99 and Highway 41.

California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers were dispatched to the northbound lanes of the highway around 4:10 PM in response to a traffic collision involving two semi-trucks and one Ford utility truck. The initial investigation revealed that a semi-truck was positioned ahead of the Ford truck, and both vehicles had come to a halt due to congested traffic conditions.

At the same moment, another semi-truck was traveling directly behind the Ford utility vehicle. Unfortunately, the driver of this second semi-truck failed to notice the stopped traffic in time, resulting in a catastrophic rear-end collision. The impact from the rear propelled the Ford truck forward, causing it to be crushed between the two larger semi-trucks.

The driver of the Ford utility truck was severely injured and became pinned inside the mangled vehicle. Emergency crews rushed to the scene and have been diligently working to extricate the driver from the wreckage. The severity of the situation demanded careful and methodical efforts to safely remove the injured driver and transport them to a nearby hospital for urgent medical care.

Personal Injury Claims

After a vehicular accident, in addition to emotional distress, victims and their families can be overwhelmed with the sudden financial burdens of medical bills, loss of income due to recovery time, and, in unfortunate circumstances, burial fees.

The responsibility for these costs should fall upon those responsible for causing these injuries and their insurance provider. However, insurance companies will try to minimize the compensation for any claim they cannot deny, which is why having the help of a skilled personal injury attorney can prove crucial in ensuring justice for victims of vehicular accidents.

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