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Heartbreaking Family Loss: Toddler Ross Grenon Killed in Accident as Grandmother Backs out of Driveway near Wolf Mountain Rd in Grass Valley

Grass Valley, CA – ABC10 reports that a heartbreaking incident occurred on Friday morning, May 10, 2024, when a 16-month-old child identified as Ross Grenon was tragically hit and killed by his grandmother’s car as she was backing out of a driveway in Nevada County. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the devastating crash took place around 7:10 AM in the vicinity of Gilham Court near Wolf Mountain Road.

CHP reports indicate that a 66-year-old woman from Loomis, while leaving her family home, was bid farewell by her three grandchildren as they ran to the vehicle to express their morning greetings. Unfortunately, at that moment, 16-month-old Ross Grenon, walked in front of the car without his grandmother noticing, leading to the tragic collision.

Following the accident, Grenon was immediately airlifted to a nearby hospital, where medical professionals pronounced him deceased.

As authorities continue their investigation into this painful family tragedy, CHP has clarified that there is no suspicion of alcohol or drug use associated with the crash at this time. Further details regarding the circumstances of the crash are not yet available as the investigation is ongoing, leaving the community deeply saddened by this devastating loss.



There is no greater pain than the loss of a loved one and no greater loss than that of a child. It is the loss of all the whole life they had ahead of them. To bear even partial responsibility for that loss oneself is a pain most would consider unthinkable. However, sometimes the unthinkable does happen.

For a family suffering from such a terrible accident, the services of a personal injury attorney can offer some relief, allowing them to focus on the hard work of healing through the pain together.

A personal injury attorney could pursue a Wrongful Death Claim with the insurance provider of the at-fault parties to seek financial compensation that could go toward alleviating costs such as hospital fees and burial expenses.

The purpose of a Wrongful Death Claim is not to punish someone who may already be suffering greatly but simply to make an insurance company fulfill their financial obligation toward victims and their families.

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