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Woman Killed in Solo-Vehicle Crash near Hwy 12, Potato Slough Bridge in Terminous

Terminous, CA — A somber incident unfolded in the San Joaquin Delta region, resulting in the tragic death of a woman after her vehicle crashed into a ditch on the afternoon of Wednesday, April 10, 2024, CBS13 reports.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) Stockton division responded to the scene, where they found the overturned vehicle partially submerged in water near the community of Terminous.

The victim, identified only as Hispanic, was pronounced dead at the site of the crash. There were no other individuals or vehicles involved in the incident. CHP investigators disclosed that the woman had been traveling on a dirt road south of Highway 12 and west of the Potato Slough Bridge when the accident occurred.

The crash was reported around 2 PM, with family members indicating that the woman was last seen around 10:30 AM earlier that day. The alert about the crash came from farmers in the vicinity.

As authorities delve into the details, the cause of the crash remains shrouded in investigation.

Liability in Solo-Vehicle Collisions

In some circumstances, investigations can reveal that some portion of the liability for a solo-vehicle collision might fall upon other drivers in the vicinity of the accident or even unsafe roadway structures. Working through the particulars of liability to help victims and their families find proper compensation is one of the many services a personal injury attorney can provide.

Once liability has been established, a personal injury attorney can also negotiate on behalf of the victim with insurance companies, who will always seek to minimize the payout for any claim they cannot deny.

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