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Crash with Tree Sets Car on Fire, Kills 1 Near Madera, Pecan Ave

Madera, CA — On Saturday, April 6, 2024, a man lost his life in a single-vehicle collision that resulted in his car catching fire after colliding with a tree. The crash occurred around 7 PM on south Madera Avenue, just north of Pecan Avenue, according to KSEE.

Upon arrival at the scene, officers discovered a red and black sedan ablaze on the west side of Madera Avenue. Quick action by emergency responders helped extinguish the flames before they consumed the vehicle completely.

The driver, a man in his 30s whose identity has not been disclosed, suffered fatal injuries in the crash. He was the sole occupant of the car and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Investigators are actively working to determine the cause of the collision.

Liability in Solo-Vehicle Collisions

In some circumstances, investigations can reveal that some portion of the liability for a solo-vehicle collision might fall upon other drivers in the vicinity of the accident or even unsafe roadway structures. Working through the particulars of liability to help victims and their families find proper compensation is one of the many services a personal injury attorney can provide.

Once liability has been established, a personal injury attorney can also negotiate on behalf of the victim with insurance companies, who will always seek to minimize the payout for any claim they cannot deny.

Wrongful Death Claims

Establishing fault in a collision can depend on multiple factors. Helping to determine legal liability is one of the ways that a personal injury attorney can help grieving families recovering from the loss of a loved one in a traffic accident.

If it is determined that another party holds even partial responsibility for their loved one’s death, they may be eligible to file a wrongful death claim with the insurance provider of the at-fault driver. A wrongful death claim can provide compensation to help cover hospital fees, burial costs, and the loss of support for dependents of the deceased.

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