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Minor Injured in I-5, Rowlee Road Crash in Bakersfield; 2 Medivac Helicopters Required

Bakersfield, CA – A serious crash on southbound Interstate 5 near Rowlee Road has resulted in multiple injuries and prompted a swift response from emergency services, including the launch of two medivac helicopters, according to KBAK.

The incident, reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) at approximately 10:11 AM on the morning of Friday, March 29, 2024, involved a sedan and another unidentified vehicle. Details regarding the circumstances leading up to the crash or the cause of the collision remain unclear at this time.

According to updates from the CHP’s website, one vehicle involved in the crash was found approximately 50 to 100 yards away from the roadway, indicating the force of the impact.

The severity of the crash is underscored by reports that a child was ejected from one of the vehicles with a head injury. This alarming development prompted the launch of a medivac helicopter at around 10:30 AM and a second one shortly after. Traffic in the area was temporarily halted to facilitate the medivac operation.

As of the latest reports, the exact number of individuals injured in the crash and the specific cause of the collision remain unknown. CHP officials are actively investigating the incident to determine the sequence of events and any contributing factors.

Personal Injury Claims

Parents whose children are injured in an automobile accident are understandably more focused on the emotional burden of those injuries than the financial. It can therefore be extremely helpful to enlist the aid of a personal injury attorney who can assist with handling issues of legal liability for victims and their families.

The unexpected burden of medical bills and other related costs can financially devastate an already emotionally devastated family. While no amount of money can truly address the emotional toll of a loved one’s injury, it is only fair that at-fault parties take on the financial responsibility for their actions.

A knowledgeable personal injury attorney can relieve victims and their families of these burdens, sort through issues of liability and negotiate with insurance companies to ensure proper compensation is received.

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