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Teen Hospitalized After Willow, Sierra Ave Scooter Crash

Clovis, CA – On the afternoon of Tuesday, March 5, 2024, a teenager on a scooter was struck by another vehicle, according to KSEE.

The Clovis Police Department reports that, around 3:19 PM, they received word of the accident and sent emergency responders to the crash site at the intersection of Willow Avenue and Sierra Avenue.

The driver who struck the youth cooperated with authorities, and there is no suspicion of intoxication playing a part in the collision.

Duty of Care

Cyclists and pedestrians are owed a “duty of care” from drivers no matter where they meet. Motorists are legally obligated to monitor the roads ahead, and all mirrors and blind spots, for any rider who may be nearby. Drivers must hit the brakes to avoid any chance of a collision. This legal responsibility stems from the fact that cyclists and pedestrians travel with less protection alongside heavier and faster cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Drivers must also stop once a collision has occurred to get medical attention for a cyclist or pedestrian as fast as possible. Remaining on the scene, turning on hazard lights, and blocking off traffic also reduce the chances of the victim being struck by approaching motorists who may not be able to see an injured cyclist down in the street.

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