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UPDATE: Jon DeWitt, Jr, 59, and Cole Schooley, 33, Named as Two Killed in Elkhorn, Andrea Blvd Crash

North Highlands, CA – On February 4, 2024, a three-vehicle crash in North Highlands killed two, one of whom has been named as 59-year-old Jon DeWitt, Jr, of Sacramento County and the other as 33-year-old Cole Schooley, according to KCRA.

Around 3:30 PM, Jon DeWitt, Jr, and his wife Lorrie were driving a Ford westbound on Elkhorn Boulevard near Andrea Boulevard when Schooley, driving a Honda eastbound, accidentally struck a Nissan while attempting a lane change. Schooley lost control of his vehicle and crossed the center line into oncoming traffic, where his vehicle collided with the DeWitts.

Both Jon DeWitt, Jr, and Schooley were fatally injured in the crash. The Nissan driver received minor injuries as well. Lorrie received transport to a nearby hospital for treatment. Their daughter Desirae Goode shared that Jon and Lorrie Dewitt had been driving home after a date night at the movies when the fatal collision occurred.

Wrongful Death Claims

While no amount of money can bring back those who lose their lives in a vehicular fatality, the emotional burden of their loss is often accompanied by a financial burden that falls on their surviving family members.

A wrongful death claim filed with the insurance provider of an at-fault driver can provide compensation to help cover medical expenses, burial costs, and even the loss of support for dependents of the deceased. However, because insurance companies carry the incentive to reduce the payout for any claim they cannot deny, the services of a skilled personal injury attorney can prove crucial in securing justice for the deceased.

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