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Damariae Daniel, 23, Turns Himself in After Franklin Blvd, Brookfield Dr Hit-and-Run with K9 Vehicle, Young Pedestrian

Sacramento, CA – According to ABC10, on Sunday, February 11, 2024, 23-year-old Damariae Daniel collided with a Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy K9 vehicle, causing a young male pedestrian to also be injured.

Around 10:15 PM, Daniel was traveling southbound on Franklin and attempted to turn east at the Brookfield intersection, when he struck a northbound K9 vehicle, forcing it toward father and son pedestrians standing at the corner.

The boy received transport to a hospital for his injuries and was described as conscious and breathing at the time.

After initially fleeing the scene, Daniel turned himself in at the Sacramento County Main Jail on Monday.

Duty of Care toward Pedestrians

Drivers are expected to provide a special “duty of care” toward pedestrians, who have greater vulnerability and are more likely to receive fatal injuries in traffic collisions. However, establishing liability can depend on multiple factors. Sorting through these complexities to determine fault is one of the services a personal injury attorney can provide.

Even after fault is established, insurance companies will attempt to minimize any claim they cannot deny. That is another place where a personal injury attorney can prove valuable by negotiating on behalf of victims to win for them the full compensation they are due.

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