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Central Bakersfield Hit-and-Run Hospitalizes Female Pedestrian

Bakersfield, CA – Around 11:23 PM on the night of January 27th, 2024, a woman was left in critical condition after being struck by a car at the intersection of 4th and V Streets, according to KBAK.

Officers from the Bakersfield Police Department arrived at the scene to find a woman lying in the roadway with severe injuries and escorted her to the hospital.

Preliminary investigations reveal that the driver of a dark-colored pickup truck was traveling north near 300 V Street where the posted speed limit is 25MPH when the vehicle struck the pedestrian. The driver fled the scene after.

Compensation for Pedestrian Hit-and-Run Victims

California law enables victims to hold insurance companies accountable following a collision even if the suspect speeds away. Once identified, victims or their families can file an accident claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance, without the need for a trial. A pedestrian accident injury claim is separate from criminal proceedings.

In cases where the hit-and-run suspect evades justice, victims have an alternative. Those with auto insurance or coverage under a family member’s policy can file an uninsured motorist claim. This claim, directed at the victim’s insurance, aids in covering medical bills and compensating for lost income during the absence from work.

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