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UPDATE: Pedestrian Killed on Rosedale Hwy Identified as 42-Year-Old Megan Lee Sanders

Bakersfield, CA – The Kern County Coroner’s Office confirmed the identity of the woman involved in a fatal collision on Rosedale Highway as Megan Lee Sanders, 42, of Bakersfield, according to the Bakersfield Californian.

Sanders was walking in a northerly direction on the eastbound lanes of the highway at approximately 6 AM on Tuesday, January 23, 2024, when a Bakersfield man operating a Chevrolet Silverado truck at a speed ranging from 55 to 57 mph struck her.

The Chevy driver waited with Sanders for emergency responders to arrive. She succumbed to her injuries at the scene.

Pedestrian Fatalities and Wrongful Death Claims

Motorists are required to exercise an additional “duty of care” towards pedestrians due to their heightened vulnerability in car accidents, which more often result in pedestrian fatalities.

In cases where a driver is found responsible for a pedestrian fatality, the victim’s family may have grounds to initiate a wrongful death claim through the driver’s insurance provider. Compensation from a wrongful death claim can help cover medical costs, burial expenses, and the financial support lost by dependents of the deceased.

Insurance companies aim to minimize payouts for claims they cannot outright deny. That is why the services of a proficient personal injury attorney can prove crucial for grieving families through the complexities of seeking justice for their loved ones.

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