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28-year-old DUI Suspect Arrested after Crash Kills Two, Injures Another in Carlsbad

Carlsbad, CA – NBC7 reports that a fatal three-vehicle crash on the morning of Saturday, January 13, 2024, resulted in two deaths and the arrest of a 28-year-old woman, Angela Hays of Corona, on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Officers from the California Highway Patrol rushed to the scene of the multi-vehicle crash on a stretch of I-5 north of Palomar Airport Road around 3:49 AM on Saturday.

According to reports, Hays was behind the wheel of a gray Hyundai sedan in the southbound lanes of I-5. Under circumstances still under investigation, her vehicle collided with a green Jeep Grand Cherokee, causing the Jeep to overturn. In the aftermath, a white Nissan Altima collided with the overturned Jeep.

The female passenger of the overturned Jeep lost her life due to the injuries sustained at the scene. The male driver of the Jeep was transported to a hospital but, sadly, succumbed to his injuries later on. Both victims were residents of Richmond in Contra Costa County.

The male driver of the Nissan, facing major but non-life-threatening injuries, was also transported to a hospital for medical attention.

While Hays reported no injuries, she was taken into custody under suspicion of driving under the influence. She has since been booked into the Vista Detention Facility and may potentially face multiple charges, including felony DUI and gross vehicular manslaughter.

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