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Tragic Incident on Central Coast Highway 1: Pedestrian Fatally Struck by Vehicle

Orcutt, CA – A pedestrian lost his life in a collision on southbound Highway 1, south of Highway 135, around 5 PM, Saturday, January 13, 2024, on Highway 1, south of Orcutt, as reported by the San Luis Obispo Tribune.

The victim, an adult male, was struck and killed by a sedan and pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the sedan, also an adult male, remained at the scene and was unharmed. Neither the driver’s nor pedestrian’s names have been released at this time.

Wrongful Death Claims

Whether or not police decide to administer criminal charges after an accident like this, the family of the deceased may still be able to file a wrongful death claim with the insurance company of an at-fault driver. The compensation offered by a wrongful death claim can reduce the costs associated with putting their loved one to rest and can also account for some of the income the deceased may have provided dependents.

However, getting an insurance company to make a proper payout can be challenging, and the help of a skilled personal injury attorney can make all the difference in ensuring that victim’s families receive just compensation.

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