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San Joaquin Deputy Injured in Possible DUI Collision with Porsche SUV

STOCKTON, CA — Shortly before midnight on Saturday, January 6, 2024, in the Garden Acres area of Stockton, a 2-car collision left a San Joaquin deputy with a broken collarbone. The driver who struck his vehicle is now under suspicion of driving under the influence, as reported by CBS News Sacramento.

The deputy was on patrol when the driver of a Porsche SUV, traveling south on Hinkley Avenue, allegedly ran a stop sign at the intersection of Main Street and Hinkley and broadsided the deputy’s vehicle.

The impact caused the deputy to crash into a fence outside a residence, while the Porsche careened through the fence of the Church of Christ on E. Main Street.

Both the deputy and the Porsche driver were transported to the hospital for medical attention. The deputy received treatment for a broken collarbone, while the extent of the Porsche driver’s injuries remains unknown. Having been released from the hospital, the deputy is now recovering from his injuries at home.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) is investigating the crash, with suspicions of drunk driving on the part of the Porsche driver.

California’s personal injury law enables victims to file claims when harmed by another’s negligence to cover hospital fees, loss of wages, and personal damages. In the aftermath of an accident, the battle for support often involves dealing with insurance representatives who may seek to discredit claims, which makes it all the more valuable to acquire legal counsel.

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