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Traffic Stop Turmoil: Fresno Police Officer and DUI Suspect Injured in I-180 Collision

Fresno, CA – Both a Fresno police officer and a DUI suspect sustained injuries in a car collision from a second driver during a traffic stop.

According to the Fresno Bee, the incident occurred on January 4, 2024, around 6:12 pm on Highway 180 near Chestnut Avenue.  The officer was engaged in conducting a sobriety test on the side of the road as part of an investigation into previous DUI-related hit-and-run elsewhere. 

Both the driver and officer were standing in front of the officer’s patrol car when another vehicle collided with the patrol car’s rear end, sending it forward into the two. They were subsequently transported to the hospital with minor injuries. The collision resulted in a two-hour backup of eastbound traffic on I-180.

The speed of the striking vehicle is unknown, but California Highway Patrol Sgt. Joseph Bianchi described it as a “decent collision.” The driver responsible for hitting the patrol vehicle is cooperating with authorities and stated that they thought they saw another car merging into their lane, which prompted them to swerve and strike the police vehicle. Intoxication did not appear to be a factor in the accident.

Victims of an accident where another driver is held to be at fault may file a claim against that driver’s insurance company for damages. Such a claim can help cover the cost of medical bills or, in cases that involve the loss of life, funeral expenses and even the victim’s potential future earnings for their family.

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