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43-Year-Old Atascadero Man Killed in Rear-End Collision on I-99

Bakersfield, CA – In a fatal incident that unfolded around 3:30 AM, January 3, 2024, a 43-year-old man from Atascadero lost his life after his Prius was struck by a big rig truck, reports KSBY NBC 6.

Reports indicate that the truck was traveling at 55 miles per hour in the slow lane of Highway 99, just south of Highway 119, when it collided with the Prius. The specifics surrounding the positioning of the Prius remain unclear, with uncertainties as to whether it was in the traffic lane or on the side of the road. The collision transpired under challenging weather conditions, as officers reported dark and rainy weather at the time of the incident. 

Both vehicles came to a stop on the right-hand side of the road after impact, and officials declared the victim dead at the scene. Law enforcement authorities are actively investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident to determine the sequence of events leading to this untimely loss.

Legal Options for Wrongful Death Cases

Should another driver be proven at fault in the case of a fatal car accident, a victim’s family may be eligible to file a wrongful death claim against that driver’s insurance company, even if no criminal charges are filed. This can help to alleviate the financial burden caused by hospital or funeral expenses and can even address the loss of potential earnings from the victim to their family.

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