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Police Pursuit Ends in Fiery Head-on Collision with Innocent Driver in South Park

A car theft suspect being chased by police ran into another vehicle and sent two victims to the hospital early Monday morning in Los Angeles. According to NBC4-TV, the accident occurred in the South Park neighborhood on Slauson Avenue on May 15, 2023.

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) said their officers were pursuing a suspect in a stolen car on Slauson near the 110 Freeway. The chase ended when the suspect crashed head-on with a white BMW that wasn’t involved in the chase. The BMW caught fire.

The driver and a passenger in a BMW were injured and rushed to the hospital. An update on their conditions was not released.

The driver of the stolen car was seen being handcuffed at the scene. He was taken into custody. The LAPD continues its investigation into what happened.

Police Chase Accident Dangers for South Park Drivers

Police chases in Los Angeles have become such a common event that many drivers don’t even pay that much attention to the flashing lights going by. Unfortunately, law-abiding drivers don’t always have a choice to steer clear of these frightening pursuits.

A suspect in a crime like a carjacking or a car theft can choose to go well over the speed limit or drive recklessly to avoid being apprehended. In their attempt to get away, they can put every driver they come to on a freeway or boulevard in danger of a frightening accident.

An L.A. Times opinion piece reported on how more than 25% of pursuits by the LAPD lead to a death or an injury. Sometimes those victims have nothing to do with the chase itself.

Victims can suddenly be faced with serious injuries and the enormous cost of medical care. In tragic cases, innocent victims face life-threatening traumatic injuries and their families are left to wonder how justice can be obtained.

A note about Los Angeles car accidents involving police chases…

If you or a loved one was the victim of a car accident stemming from a criminal suspect’s actions, you should be aware of the benefits available to you and your family through an insurance claim. Financial support from an at-fault driver’s car insurance provider is critical to protect victims after a senseless crash during an LAPD pursuit.

Victims are encouraged to seek accident support and can receive car insurance settlement money even if an at-fault suspect is found to be uninsured.

You can read more about earning injury insurance support for yourself and your family on my page about Los Angeles car accident injury claims.

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