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Tragic Motorcycle Accident On Highway 1 in Moss Landing CA

A motorcyclist was tragically killed in Moss Landing Friday morning after a driver made a turn in front of the rider.

The California Highway Patrol responded to the scene sometime after 7 a.m. on April 21, 2023. KION-TV reported the accident occurred where Pieri Court intersects with Highway 1.

Investigators say the driver of a Dodge Ram pickup was at the stop sign ready to make a left turn onto the Pacific Coast Highway. The truck then pulled out in front of a 28-year-old Moss Landing man riding a Suzuki motorcycle in the southbound lane. The motorcycle struck the truck and the rider was ejected.

The motorcyclist was given aid by emergency services and then rushed to Navidad Medical Center in Salinas. The victim died at the hospital.

CHP officers say that alcohol and drugs were not factors in this accident. They continue to investigate what happened and ask that anyone who witnessed the accident call them.

Motorcycle Accident Dangers in Moss Landing

Motorcyclists on Highway 1 are always at elevated risk as drivers merge onto the busy highway. Drivers can glance in both directions only briefly and then pull out in front of an approaching rider they didn’t take the time to properly look for.

Motorcyclists are often left with little time or space to avoid a devastating collision. It’s why so many motorcyclists end up forced into impacts in Monterey County each year.

California’s Transportation Injury Mapping System (TIMS) recorded 111 motorcycle accidents in Monterey County involving injury in 2022. At least 22 of those accidents occurred along Highway 1.

Highway 1 along California’s coastline is a popular route for motorists of all types each year. And it’s critical that everyone who travels Highway 1 each day returns home safely.

That won’t happen until drivers take the time to notice every other vehicle, pedestrian, and bicyclist on the road and react accordingly. That means slowing down and taking caution, especially with those travelers, like motorcyclists, who are more vulnerable in collisions.

A note about Moss Landing motorcycle accidents…

The family members of Moss Landing motorcycle accident victims can seek full support after a tragic collision.

Close relatives like a spouse or children of the victim can ask for help paying funeral costs and leftover medical bills.

They should also receive help with the income they may lose now that the deceased can no longer provide financial support in the years ahead. To find out more about your options please visit our informational page here.

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