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Collision Between Car and Motorcycle on Highway 101 in Santa Maria Hospitalizes Two Victims

A devastating accident involving a motorcycle in Santa Maria left two people badly injured over the weekend. The California Highway Patrol responded to the accident along Highway 101 Sunday Afternoon sometime after 5 p.m.

Cal Coast News reported it occurred in the northbound lanes near the Donovan Road exit on February 5, 2023.

The Santa Maria Fire Department confirmed that a car and a motorcycle collided on the highway. Two people were hurt in the crash. Their injuries were described as major. A CalStar helicopter landed at the scene to take at least one of the victims to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.

Emergency crews restricted traffic to one lane as the scene was cleared and the CHP continued their investigation into how the accident occurred.

Santa Maria Accident Dangers on Highway 101

Motorcycle accidents far too often involve a careless driver who wasn’t properly watching the road. Drivers who don’t keep a constant eye on what’s ahead, beside them, and behind them can completely overlook riders and make moves that leave them in the path of motorcycles.

These dangerous collisions occur each month across Santa Barbara County. State traffic records reveal that there were at least 15 motorcycle accidents involving serious injuries in Santa Maria across 2021. Those accidents led to at least two tragic deaths.

Highway 101 through Santa Barbara County contributed to those accident numbers. In all, Highway 101 through the region saw 10 serious motorcycle accidents in 2021 with at least one death resulting.

It’s critical for drivers to accept responsibility for their actions when traveling around motorcyclists. They must decide to pay more attention to their mirrors and blind spots and to monitor traffic ahead so they don’t ram a decelerating motorcycle from behind.

A note about Santa Maria motorcycle accidents…

Motorcycle accident victims in Santa Barbara County can seek full compensation for their medical costs after a frightening collision. Families are also able to ask for support on behalf of an injured loved one.

An injury claim can be filed with an at-fault motorist’s auto insurance provider to get hospital bill compensation and many other benefits. To find out more about your options please visit our informational page here.

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