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Tanker Truck Accident Claims One Life On Freeway 110 in Los Angeles

An accident on Christmas Eve on Freeway 110 in Los Angeles claimed the life of a man after a van and a big rig collided. It happened Saturday evening on the Harbor Freeway/I-110 near the Gage Avenue intersection on December 24, 2022.

2UrbanGirls reported the crash was called in at around 7:09 p.m. from the Vermont-Slauson area. The California Highway Patrol says the accident involved a white van and a tanker truck. The Los Angeles Fire Department confirms the tanker truck did not spill any of its cargo.

A man in his mid-40s was tragically killed in the collision. No other injuries were reported. Investigators continue to examine the circumstances surrounding the accident to determine how it happened.

Truck Accident Dangers on Freeway 110 in Los Angeles

Traveling alongside tractor-trailer trucks and tankers makes freeway travel all the more dangerous. A truck driver can fail to monitor the other vehicles on the road and move over into a lane already occupied by another vehicle. The driver may be also traveling too fast to brake with such a large payload before striking another vehicle.

To understand the scope of accidents on busy L.A. Freeways, transportation officials track the number of crashes that involve injury each year. On the stretch of Freeway 110 that runs through Los Angeles County, there were 936 serious traffic accidents recorded in 2021. Those accidents led to a tragic 31 deaths.

Of those accidents, 41 were documented as involving big trucks. At least one death and around 55 injuries were blamed on those truck accidents.

It’s critical that truck drivers follow every traffic law and observe a speed limit of 55mph or less on freeways. They must also be tested and trained as much as possible to ensure the heavy trucks they drive don’t end up causing a devastating accident.

A word about collisions involving truck drivers in Los Angeles …

If you or a loved one has been hurt in an accident caused by a careless truck driver in Los Angeles, you should be aware of the benefits available to you and your family through an insurance claim. Financial support should at least be expected to help with funeral costs and ambulance fees and the income the deceased can no longer help support the family with. That support could be provided by the trucking company that employs the at-fault driver.

You can read more about these cases on my page about Los Angeles Truck Accident Claims.

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