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Pedestrian Intersection Accident on Almaden Expy in San Jose CA

A pedestrian suffered significant injuries after getting struck in an intersection in San Jose Monday morning. The San Jose Police tweeted that the accident occurred shortly after 11 a.m. in the southern part of the city.

The East Bay Times reports the frightening collision occurred at the intersection of Almaden Expressway and Cherry Avenue on December 27, 2021. Investigators found a pedestrian with what were deemed serious injuries. The victim was rushed to a local hospital.

The driver involved stayed on the scene to cooperate with the investigation. Police have not released an update on the patient’s condition or said more about how the accident occurred.

Pedestrian Dangers in San Jose

Pedestrians are often on their own when they seek out safe passage across San Jose. They don’t get a lot of help from city leaders or from careless drivers. Crossing intersections can be a dangerous journey and leave defenseless pedestrians without protection from speeding and distracted motorists.

San Jose families and the community have already suffered tremendous tragedy in 2021 after a rash of pedestrian accidents. An article on Patch found that through November, the city had seen 20 pedestrian deaths and 8 cycling fatalities so far. That compares to 19 pedestrian fatalities and 5 cycling deaths over the same period last year.

The article includes some hope for all who use the roads in San Jose. The city transportation department had Senter Road, Fruitdale Avenue, and Story Road slated for new safety measures. Those improvements include additional crosswalk protections, protected bike lanes, and curb extensions.

These planned safety enhancements can help, but the biggest improvements will come when more drivers do their duty to show special care to all pedestrians. All motorists are supposed to slow down whenever a pedestrian is nearby, no matter where they encounter them. This extra attention paid to the road and to those on foot can save lives and lead to a better 2022.

A word about pedestrian accidents in San Jose…

Pedestrian accident victims and their families may not be aware that they have certain benefits available to them in California. This support could help with medical bills and help replace lost wages while a victim is unable to work. You can read more about earning insurance support on my page about pedestrian accident claims in California.

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