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Terrifying Head On Collision in Alameda County Leaves Two Injured

A frightening head-on collision left two people with serious injuries Wednesday morning in Alameda County.

The crash, northeast of Livermore, took place sometime before 6 a.m. on May 12, 2021. Emergency crews were called to the scene on Altamont Pass Road near Dyer Road just outside the community of Altamont.

KTVU-TV reports that the Alameda County Fire Department confirmed the crash involved two vehicles and involved a car rescue. The impact left a white car resting on top of a blue car.

One person was extricated from a vehicle and suffered major injuries. The patient was airlifted to the John Muir Health Trauma Center in Walnut Creek. A second victim was rushed to Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley by ambulance.

California Highway Patrol Investigators have not released information on what they believe caused the crash.

Head-On Collision Dangers in Alameda County

There is always an increased chance of an accident for motorists who travel along curvy two-lane mountain roads in California. Sometimes all that separates oncoming traffic is a couple of yellow lines and a few feet of pavement.

It’s a hazardous situation and puts drivers at an elevated risk for dangerous head-on collisions. Head-on collisions can result in the most devastating consequences for drivers. Both vehicles in a crash carry their speeds into the impact to increase the forces involved. These crashes can cause severe injury for drivers and passengers and lead to difficult and expensive recoveries for victims.

Alameda County emergency response crews see the devastating results of traffic collisions each and every day. In 2020, they recorded 5,636 traffic collisions in total across the county. Those accidents lead to 78 tragic deaths and left an astounding 7,436 people suffering injuries.

What’s more, 389 of those accidents in Alameda County involved a head-on impact. That equates to only about 7% of the total accidents in 2020. Yet, head-on collisions accounted for well over 11% of the traffic fatalities documented for the year.

There are so many factors that cause serious accidents on California roads and highways each year, but there are some that are easily preventable. Driver carelessness and recklessness are two hazards that motorists can always work to avoid. Putting away cellphones while behind the wheel and maintaining safer speeds could seriously reduce accident numbers across the state.

This little extra bit of care on the roads could also save lives and prevent tens of thousands of injuries.

Securing Support for Accident Victims in Alameda County

A devastating accident can leave victims facing long, painful recoveries and lead to confusion over who will pay for the medical expenses and other financial hardships they endure. After a serious collision, accident victims should seek compensation from an at-fault driver’s car insurance company.

Victims should never face bankruptcy and a lack of medical care over an accident that wasn’t their fault.  Be sure to speak to an attorney in your area about your options and rights as a victim. You can visit our page on car accident lawsuits for more information.

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