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Accident on Highway 101 in San Jose Ends Tragically

A woman tragically lost her life after four vehicles collided in east San Jose Tuesday morning. The Mercury News reported the accident happened just after 8 a.m. on northbound Highway 101 south of the Alum Rock Avenue Exit on March 2, 2021.

The Mercury News talked with Officer Ross Lee of the California Highway Patrol (CHP) who said that one of their motorcycle officers came across the crash moments after it happened and found a tow truck and a sedan in flames on the right shoulder. A third vehicle was stopped on the shoulder just beyond, and a fourth vehicle involved remained in the roadway.

The officer and bystanders tried to rescue the woman at the wheel of the sedan but they found the flames to be too intense by that point.

There was no immediate information on what lead to the collisions or word on any other victims hurt in the crash. The CHP’s investigation into the crash continues.

California Highway Patrol Crackdown on Dangerous Driving

The California Highway Patrol deals with devastating crashes on California highways every day. They remind drivers that not all collisions can be called accidents.

Accidents imply that a crash could not be avoided, but when drivers decide to travel recklessly by speeding, driving aggressively or traveling while impaired by drugs or alcohol it’s no accident when those actions end up hurting themselves and others. These bad decisions can also extend to driving distracted, often experienced when drivers pick up a cellphone while at the wheel.

ABC30-TV talked to CHP Division Chief Scott Parker about the dangers of careless driving who added, “Make no mistake about it, these are collisions and they are not accidents. This is a collision where somebody has violated the law and caused an unfortunate circumstance, which in most cases is preventable.”

The CHP recorded a 98% increase in the number of citations for speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour across 2020. So far, through January and February of 2021, officers have already investigated 54 fatal crashes. Sadly, 22 of those victims were not properly restrained.

The Highway Patrol continues its yearly zero-tolerance statewide campaigns to put the brakes on reckless drivers. They will use motorcycle and aerial units to spot speeders and other dangerous drivers and issue tickets. The hope is that more people will consider their decisions while behind the wheel and realize how much they increase the risk of a terrible accident for themselves and others.

Support for Families After A Car Accident in San Jose

Victims in frightening car accidents and families who have lost a loved one to a driver’s mistake will, unfortunately, have to deal with unhelpful insurance companies as they try to heal and rebuild their lives. Insurance companies won’t be informing victims and their family’s about all of their rights when it comes to getting help after an accident.

If you or a family member is ever involved in a serious crash be sure to speak to an attorney in your area. You can visit our page about car accidents for more information.

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