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Devastating Motorcycle Accident in Fresno

The driver of a minivan driver failed to stop for a red light and caused a devastating crash that sent a motorcycle rider to the hospital Wednesday afternoon in Fresno. The collision happened around 3 p.m. at the intersection of West Clinton Avenue and North Fruit Avenue near a Family Dollar location on February 3, 2021.

Fresno Police say a 29-year-old man on a motorcycle was traveling westbound on Clinton when the driver of a Chevy Minivan on Fruit ran a red light. The motorcycle couldn’t stop in time to avoid broadsiding the van. The motorcyclist was rushed to the hospital and is listed in critical condition.

Investigators say surveillance video helped them determine what triggered the crash. KGPE-TV talked to Fresno Police Sergeant Mark Van Whye about what happened. “The investigation is showing from video from local businesses on the corners here that the van ran the red light. Also have admission from the driver that (he) looked back at one of the children and maybe took his eyes off the road for a moment.”

The driver in the minivan and two children inside were also taken to the hospital with what were described as minor injuries. The investigation into the crash continues.

Motorcycle Accident Dangers in Fresno

Motorcyclists in Fresno try to travel local streets as cautiously as possible, but there’s sometimes no way to avoid careless and distracted drivers in much larger vehicles who aren’t giving any thought to the safety of others on the road.

Fresno traffic investigators see the devastating consequences of drivers failing to show basic care to riders on motorcycles every year across the city. 33 motorcycle accidents took place in Fresno in 2019 leading to a heartbreaking six fatalities. Another 35 victims suffered injuries in these accidents. Across Fresno County, there were 131 collisions involving motorcycle riders in 2019 adding another nine tragic deaths to Fresno’s total.

Motorcyclists commonly see the worst out of other drivers. Drivers can just fail to take a long enough look as they come to an intersection and miss the smaller profile of a motorcycle. Motorists can also allow themselves to be distracted and suddenly become a hazard to anyone on a bike, on foot, or in another car.

The CDC finds that on average there are eight people a day killed by distracted driving across the United States. Distracted driving can be a threat to any motorists traveling near the offender, but unprotected motorcyclists drive along at a higher risk of injury in collisions and can face longer recovery times. These severe injuries can take riders off their bikes for weeks or months at a time and leave them facing the incredibly high costs of medical care and physical therapy.

Seeking Legal Advice After a Motorcycle Crash in Fresno

Unfortunately, the insurance companies representing at-fault drivers will not inform you of your rights as a victim or the compensation available to you for injuries. If you or a family member is ever involved in a serious crash be sure to speak to an attorney in your area. You can visit our page about motorcycle accidents in Fresno for more information.

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