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Kraft Pays for Mac and Cheese Snapchat Filter to Improve Reach

Snapchat introduced sponsored lenses several months ago as a way to increase bottom line revenue. Just yesterday, Snapchat predicted revenues of $300 million which is seven times more than revenues of 2015. Maybe they had the Kraft Mac and Cheese Snapchat game in mind. In fact, they likely have a number of different Snapchat games in mind. We know Google had great success with the PacMan game a few years ago and it makes sense that millennials will love to play games on their smartphones.

Snapchat charges brands per Snapchat lens sent. While millions will be playing this game trying to get the highest score a large percentage of them will add the filters to their stories or send private snaps to their friends showing their high scores. At the outset, the app has a glitch causing the score to remain at 100 even if you catch more than one macaroni noodle. This will likely be fixed very quickly.

If Snapchat can convince other brands to create a game within the Snapchat app this could be a cash cow. In fact, this might be the way they make the most money in 2016. While Snapchat games are just getting started, we know that users of Snapchat love to add features to their pictures and videos. Any type of addition will be added revenue for Snapchat.

Another interesting feature Snapchat has added recently is score updates during sporting events. Note that users must be in a stadium or specific location to have the opportunity to update the score within the Snapchat app. This is another way to get users more engaged with the platform.

It is safe to say that Snapchat has figured out ways to keep their users within the app. What is next for this company? Could we see celebrities with their own games? Will movies and TV shows offer interactive games while users are watching? Only time will tell.

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