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DJ Khaled Uses Snapchat to Reach High School and College Student Fans

When Snapchat was first created no one would have guessed that celebrities would use the app as a motivation tool. That is exactly what DJ Khaled is doing. Over the last three weeks the number of people following DJ Khaled’s Snapchat stories has increased exponentially. What started out as a joke to most has turned into a full blown motivational video series that is helping middle school, high school and college students get through exams and the rough parts of life.

There are even students coming up to DJ Khaled in the Apple Store, at shopping malls and other locations in Miami thanking him for the motivation “hammock talks” on Snapchat. Some of the phrases DJ Khaled likes to use include “Cloth Talk”, “Bless Up” and “Lion!” After watching a few of his Snapchat stories you cannot help but fall in love with the guy. He truly has found his voice and he could end up having one of the most popular social media accounts in history.

While Kylie Jenner was informed she has the most viewed Snapchat account one would think that DJ Khaled is hot on her tail. Recently, DJ Khaled published a screenshot showing he is now getting over two million views per story.

When comparing DJ Khaled’s story to cable TV programs it is not going to be long before he is getting a larger reach than a large majority of television programs not on NBC, ABC, CBS or Fox. In fact, he is already approaching the most popular Discovery TV channel programs. While DJ Khaled is not struggling for money, large advertisers are going to reach out to him because of the popularity of his Snapchat stories.

In the months ahead it will be interesting to see if DJ Khaled can keep up the momentum. We all remember the Charlie Sheen Twitter activity. Just one month after he signed up for Twitter to luster wore off and people stopped following his account. DJ Khaled has a much different approach as he is using motivation to broadcast to his audience.

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