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Savings Accounts With High Interest Rates–What Consumers Use Savings For And Current Options On Rates Available

Savings accounts that come with high interest rates are one option that some consumers are looking for when it comes to setting aside money for college, saving money for a major purchase like an automobile or even a home, but there are also some consumers currently in the market for these high interest savings accounts as a way to simply set money aside for emergencies and hopefully gain more on these funds that had been deposited if they go unused. However, what consumers specifically use the savings account for and the rates that are available will often depend on how helpful a particular saving strategy is for consumer and here in October there may be multiple saving options that can help consumers in general but will require that specific attention be given to each opportunity in order to better understand how it will meet a particular banking customer’s needs.

While there are everything from online high interest savings accounts, money market accounts, and even CDs that consumers use for a variety of purposes, some of the rates that are available on these savings opportunities could potentially be quite high but depending on the location, the bank, and the type of savings strategy that a consumer uses, as there are some rates that could be anywhere from .5% to 4%, but again this is not necessarily going to always be available as rates on certain types of savings vehicles will vary and, this is where another aspect of savings must also be reviewed as to how consumers can keep these rates if they are acquired.

Currently, consumers have seen problems when it comes to debit card fees that are imposed by major financial institutions and this has turned some from these major banks to alternative financial institutions like community banks, credit unions, or some have simply moved their business from one major bank to another as fees and costs that are required by some of these institutions will not necessarily be universal. When it comes to savings accounts though, it will depend on not only the type of account that a consumer chooses, be it something like a savings account or money market account, but the lender may require that certain aspects of a consumer’s financial habits come into play when it concerns keeping a high rate on these accounts.

As an example, some high interest savings or checking accounts may only allow customers to keep these optimal rates if they participate in direct deposit programs, use their debit card of certain amount of times during the month, or there may be restrictions on how many withdrawals may be made from certain types of savings accounts, or a consumer may be hit with penalties, fees, or will be required to close their account. Understandably, this is where the variability in these savings accounts comes into play but consumers who are currently looking for ways to save money for the various purposes of either making purchases or as a way to meet unexpected costs, many advisers often stress that consumers remember to fully review the reasons behind these accounts, meaning why a consumer is seeking a savings account with a high interest rate, so that they can better plan for what these accounts will require and, more specifically, which type of saving strategy will be best for their particular needs.

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