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GM Talks With Penske Fail, Saturn to Shut Down

GM was reported to be on the verge of reaching a deal with Penske Automotive Group earlier this week but as it looks now Saturn will be shut down. Some models will continue to be made through 2011, but overall Saturn is going to have to fend for itself. A Penske spokesman said that with the time it would take to engineer and design new Saturn car models it would be left with nothing to see once Saturn’s contract with GM ran out.The announcement of GM closing Saturn came as a shock to many as the general idea was Penske was sure to buy. Despite the disappointment it’s been reported that even though GM will stop making Saturn cars there is going to be no layoffs, which is fantastic news since the job market has been dealt one knockout blow after another in recent months. On the other hand, many Saturn dealerships across the country, who have heard little from GM worry that soon they will have nothing to sell.The Saturn brand was made to compete with the smaller import cars and GM marketed Saturn as a “new kid of car company” but reports say that Saturn never brought profit to GM. Saturn has never been a giant in the car industry but there are mixed feelings about its demise. On one hand you hate to see another car company go under but when it seems to be a money pit that never may fully get off the ground perhaps it’s time to say good riddance.

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