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September 2009 Unemployment Claims: Less Than Expected But Is It Good News?

Economists predicted September unemployment claims to be on the rise again this week but were surprised to find the numbers going down rather than up. The reported number of unemployment claims is said to have fallen by 21,000 last week which is a sign, some say, of a recovering economy.However, the unemployment claims for last week are at 530,000, which again was lower than expected but is this the sign of an economy getting up and dusting itself off or is it something different entirely?Unemployment claims were said to have stopped falling early in the summer, began falling again, and now stopped once more. Do these numbers mean anything really? Are people actually getting jobs or have they simply run out of unemployment benefits?The fact that unemployment claims have slowed is never a bad thing, but can we say the job market is up and running again? CNN reports: “The government said 6,138,000 people filed continuing claims in the week ended Sept. 12, the most recent data available. That was down 123,000 from the preceding week’s revised 6,261,000 claims.”Yes, numbers are down but can we still look at over 6,000,000 people being out of work as good news?The unemployment rate has dipped drastically over the last several months which is great news for the economy.  Now that the unemployment rate is in the single digits it may be the case that more Americans have improved their financial situation.  Some of these individuals may seek are looking for the best sales and deals including Pembroke Pines Florida WalMart Presidents Day Sales 2012.  There should be plenty of opportunities to save at the beginning of 2012.

Over the next several months of February, March and April or 2012 many will start to research tax filing options.  Some will complete diligent homework on an Online IRS 1040 Printable Tax Form in hopes of saving money.  Filing taxes online has become easier than ever as millions of Americans can get a tax refund check within one full week through direct deposit when filing online.

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